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What The Stars Say:

quote Real people survive yaar! It's just a question of your faith within yourself.
- Rahul Dev (Actor) 
quote I would love to intermingle, but where are the men?
- Vidya Balan (Actress) 
quote It is better to work with a newcomer than a jaded, unwilling and unprofessional actor. As long as you have a great role, any talented actor can do wonders.
- Mahesh Bhatt (Director) 
quote My grandfather would have loved David Dhawan's films. He would have thoroughly enjoyed them. Because he was a filmmaker, and filmmaking is about entertaining people.
- Karisma Kapoor (Actress) 
quote I'd love to romance Aishwarya Rai. But I'm 58 now. So I have to play her father.
- Amitabh Bachchan (Actor, Producer) 
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