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What The Stars Say:

quote I hope Anil Kapoor doesn't read this, but I don't like men with moustaches.
- Sushmita Sen (Actress) 
quote Many people felt we had a risky subject on hand. We lost 25 per cent of business since the film was three hours, 36 minutes in length and we could hold only three shows every day. Despite this, 'Mohabbatein' did more business in four months than 'Dil To Pagal Hai' did in three and a half years.
- Yash Chopra (Director, Producer) 
quote This Rani affair has become a joke. I can't even laugh at it anymore because such jokes can hurt. These rumours are nothing but nonsense.
- Govinda (Actor, Distributor) 
quote You know, today if I saw a struggling young actor trying to make it in Hindi films without any backing or background, I would understand him.
- Aftab Shivdasani (Actor) 
quote No, I don't believe in art films. Why do we make a film? To show it to people so they can enjoy them. Those makers who make their films keeping the audience in mind are the people who really make films. The rest are not 'real' filmmakers. I'm not going to entertain them.
- Kajol (Actress) 
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