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Pankaj Udhas

 What Fans Say...
Mr. Pankaj Udhas, I have been listining to your songs (Filmi/non-Filmi). I admire your voice and style; I cannot get enough of you voice. It hits me right in my heart. My God bless you and your voice.
Masood Roashan (San Diego, CA)
Pankaj Udhas's name needs no introduction. He is responsible for changing the world of ghazals as we know it now. The time he appeared on the ghazal scene, the masses had started to lose interest in this form of singing. His arrival not only brought ghazals back from dead but also made people have another thought about ghazals. His beautiful voice, combined with good lyrics and melodious music is capable of making anyone fall in love, with ghazals, again and again.

He is not only a ghazal singer but also he has sung a great number of songs for Hindi movies as a playback singer. Knowing his popularity, a lot of movie producers have asked him to make special apperance in their movies to sing songs onscreen and songs such as Chithi aayi hai have proved to be a major hit.

Pankaj has done concerts in every part of the world singing his movie hits along with the ghazals. And inspite of being so busy with his concerts abroad, he hasn't stopped singing new songs and making new albums. Because he knows that his fans are waiting.

We indeed are!