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Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya
By Abid ©2005
If we can ignore 'Yeh Hai Jalwa' and 'Chal Mere Bhai', David Dhawan and Salman Khan movies have always had chartbusting music. Mind you, despite the debacle of 'Yeh Hai Jalwa' and the flopping of the incomplete 'Chal Mere Bhai', the music was still reasonably popular. The team unites once again for 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya', so let’s check out if the magic is still intact.

'Just Chill' created a buzz as soon as the first promo was out and the reason is obvious. The hip and happening lyrics 'Just chill, chill, Just chill, Soniya, Dil se mila le dil, Just chill, chill, Just chill' are just right for a 'Gen X' song and will immediately get one into the groove and the feet moving. It is a highly infectious; very rhythmic and racy dance number that is bound to set the dance floors on fire pretty quickly. Sonu is effortless and Jayesh ably supports him. Amrita Kak tries to sound like Sunidhi Chauhan and does a decent job but when the original is there why go for a clone?

We also have the remix version of 'Just Chill'. Now, the original was good enough and needed no remixing, still certain formalities are needed in today's time. One expected better results from Akbar Sami but the only difference between the original and remix is that there is a rap interlude with words like 'Jack', 'Jill' and 'Pill' etc. The tempo has also been upped a little and synthesized music is there throughout in the background.
'Dil Di Nazar' featuring Shaan, Priya, Shaznine and Bombay Vikings Neeraj has lyrics like 'Dil di nazar, Padi tujhpe udhar, Baja jane jigar, Dhadkan ka gajar' and can be classified as a rhythmic party number. There are also English lyrics like 'You are the one for me, O jaana you are mine' and is sung in chorus by Neeraj, Priya and Shaznine and it keeps coming up repeatedly, throughout the song. Shaan's youthful voice is delightful. He should stick to these types of songs, instead of what he tried in 'Yakeen' (check out our review). Neeraj does what he is best at, as the song does have a Bombay Viking style at times.

The 'Dil Di Nazar' remix has a lot of inspiration from the highly popular 'Funky Town' (Lips Inc) and also from Mithun's 'Disco Dancer' ('Koi Yahan Aha Nache Nache'). Not much can be added to what we have said above about the original. Yes, the ‘Remix’ patronizers will like it.

In the next track 'Saajan Tumse Pyar', Sameer borrows from old traditional Bhojpuri lyrics - 'Saajan tum se pyar ki ladai mein, Toot gayee chudiyan kalai mein'. A song strictly for the masses and frontbenchers, a typical David Dhawan number. The intermittent canned applause gives the impression of a stage song (or a ‘nautanki' styled dance number). Once again, Udit and Alka are quite good.
'Teri Meri Love Story' has the trio of Shaan, Sunidhi and Babul singing this rather cute and sweet comical number. The songs give one the feel or gist of the movie. The lyrics highlight the chaos and confusion that prevails about who loves whom and who actually manages to get whom!! And it doesn't end there, as there are claims and counter claims (Like in ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’) about who will win the battle in the end. With words like 'Angle’, ‘Triangle', 'Sandal', 'Bangle', etc... the song sounds quite cute. Shaan is excellent and suits the song, as his voice is apt for such numbers. Babul Supriyo is a revelation and should realize that this is what he must do, instead of trying to imitate Kumar Sanu.

'Laga Prem Rog' is yet another 'Chunri' variation from the Himesh--Sameer combo with Salman as the actor on whom it is picturized and you have a sure fire chartbuster. Check out the lyrics -

'Chunri lahrai, Payal chhankai, Chudi khankai, Liya bechaini ka rog, Laga laga laga re, Laga prem rog' -

It’s an extremely catchy, hummable tune, with some excellent singing by Alka and Kamaal Khan. The song, picturized on the sensuous Sushmita and Salman is sure to top the charts.
The remix 'Laga Prem Rog' has the Akbar Sami touch and is tastefully done (not like some of the recent remixes which are merely there as fillers). For a change the remix starts with traditional percussion instruments and 'matka' (earthen pitcher) sounds. Thankfully, it is not a cacophony of Western instruments, as is the usual practice. After all, DJ Akbar Sami is the king of remixes and here (unlike 'Just Chill') he demonstrates his magic and does a great job. Exclamation sounds like 'O Baby‘, 'O boy', O gosh' are used well (as they keep popping up from the background). The traditional style of Alka combines well with Kamaal's western style.

'Ye Ladki' by Kamaal and Sunidhi is the only ordinary song of the album and may not even be there in the movie. The song though is lifted somewhat by the talented Kamaal and Sunidhi (though she struggles a bit with the English lyrics).

Next up, 'Ishq Chunariya' goes 'Roothe to roothe ye saara zamana, Ishq chupardy odh ke dil mein aan are'. This 'Chunariya' song is rhythmic but lacks the class of the earlier 'Chunri' song. It is a sort of a 'Khichdi' song as Himesh takes inspiration from his old songs from 'Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge', 'Yeh hai Jalwa' and even from Nadeem-Shravan's 'Muskaan'. The song sounds ordinary because of the fact that we have heard most of the tunes before. Udit and Alka’s singing however is what saves this track and may appeal to a select few.

On the whole, 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya' is a sure shot winner as it has Himesh in full form after a long time. He does what he is best at - rhythm and melody (a tad on the western side). It will enter the charts in no time but will have to fight it out with the likes of 'Paheli' that is already moving up well and 'Parineeta' that is being appreciated.

Rating: : 7.5/10

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