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Article Updated 02 October, 2007 01:02:20 AM IST
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Interview: Akriti Kakkar
By Our Correspondent Š2007

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Akriti Kakkar
Akriti Kakkar
'Naam Gum Jayega, Chehra Ye Badal Jayega, Meri Awaz Hi Pehchan Hai' this line absolutely matches to her because, she is a person who would prefer to be recognized by her work and she believes that this is a compliment in itself for any artist. She lent her voice to songs in movies like 'Kuch Meetha Hojai', 'Chup Chupke', and 'Namaste London', 'Shakalaka Boom Boom', Good Boy Bad Boy etc. and has movies like Mummy, Welcome, Harry Puttar and other international projects in her hand. One should have recalled her name from their subconscious mind with these movie names. Yes, absolutely she is Akriti Kakkar. She was recently in capital; we took the opportunity to bring some thing about her recent releases. Here is an abstract of our conversation with her.   

Congrats Akriti, 4 films released at a stretch with your songs in it?
Yes, with the grace of God every thing fell in place, and this is a great pleasure for me.   

Which song you like the most in these recent releases?

With a grin, here I need to answer politically.  Well, the title song of 'Jonny Gaddar' has been special for me, which I sung for Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy. Though I have been with them on stage since one and a half year, It was a great feeling to be with them in studio recording, I am very much thankful to them as they chose me for this unusual and un conventional song. I never sung this type of song before.

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