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Article Updated 17 October, 2005 10:06:13 AM IST
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'Hanuman is a brilliant film - the perfect Diwali gift for kids!' - Mukesh Khanna
By Our Correspondent Š2005

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Mukesh Khanna
Mukesh Khanna
An interview with Mukesh Khanna, who lent his voice for the character of Hanumanji in the animated feature film, Hanuman, which releases on 21 October 2005 in cinema halls across India.

What does Hanumanji represent for you, and how close is He to your heart? Hanumanji is very close to my heart. He is about faith; He is about Indian culture. He is called Sankat Mochan - the remover of obstacles and problems by every Indian.

Hanumanji is universally accepted as the greatest Super Hero. And I personally feel that making a complete movie on Him is a brilliant idea - that too a full length animation film, which is always a difficult task. I believe that the film Hanuman is a must-watch for every Indian! I must thank Sahara One Motion Picture for taking the initiative and making such a wonderful movie.

You have given your voice in Hanuman, Shah Rukh Khan did the same for The Incredibles. How do you feel.
It's a good start. Voicing, dubbing and music are critical aspects of all movies, and all the more so for an animated film. Giving my voice in the movie was a challenge but I was never worried because I believe in myself. I really feel that Hanuman is going to set a trend and more and more animation film will be made in India.

What kind of research and preparation did you do lending your voice in Hanuman?
Hanumanji has blessed me with such a voice that I did not have to go through any kind of pain in giving voice to the character. I just had kept one thing in mind while dubbing: Hanumanji is a source of Shakti, so my voice has to have that power in it. Also, the brief was very clear by the director - they did not want any experimenting with the voice. They wanted it to be clear so it becomes easier for everyone to watch the movie and enjoy.

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