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Article Updated 25 February, 2005 02:01:10 PM IST
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'Today I'm Completely Free' - Vijay Raaz
By Vickey Lalwani ©2005

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Vijay Raaz
Vijay Raaz
After being in detention for more than a week on alleged drug charges, actor Vijay Raaz, who was released in Dubai on Tuesday night, arrived in Mumbai on Wednesday morning. Vickey Lalwani caught up with him for a tête-à-tête:

There are lots of speculations about the whole incident. What exactly transpired?
When I reached Abu Dhabi airport and my luggage was being checked, I saw a packet, which was right at the top of my luggage. How the packet had landed there is a mystery to me. I have no clue.

Uh huh?
There was a language problem. Nobody understood Hindi, only one guy could speak English but very broken type (pauses). In good faith I thought that they wanted to help me and signed some documents which they directed me to, without realizing that those were confessional statements. By then they had already taken my cell-phone and did not let me talk to anyone. After signing the papers, things changed drastically and before I could even realize I was in police custody. For three days, I was not even allowed to contact anyone.

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