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Article Updated 30 June, 2003 07:53:02 PM IST
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Medha - Anup Jalota: A perfect couple
By Our Correspondent Š2003

Anup Jalota
Nobody knew that Medha Jalota, the ex-wife of Elizabeth maker Shekhar Kapoor and present wife of bhajan king Anup Jalota was so sick. The Jalotas are extremely private people and when three years ago, Medha was diagonised with a malfunctioning heart, the prognosis of which was extremely bad, Anup spared no effort to see that she got the best treatment in the world. Eventually, she was taken to the US where she had a heart transplant. Today, the lady is back in Mumbai, with her husband and son, happy, healthy and grateful to the Gods for making her alright. Life is so strange. When Shekhar and Medha were together, they made a beautiful couple. Nobody guessed that all was not well with the couple. Only when a gossip magazine did a story on Shabana-Javed-Shekhar-Medha, did all the cracks suddenly become visible to the public. After her divorce, she married Anup, a man who had already been married twice and was not a patch on her ex as far as looks went, Cynics did not give this marriage much time, but the couple have proved that love, devotion and faithfulness can happen in the oddest of relationships.


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